Q: How to troubleshoot unstable safety light curtains?

Q: How to troubleshoot unstable safety light curtains?

Q: How to troubleshoot unstable safety light curtains?
Safety light curtains are widely used in various industries to ensure safety in production processes. During this process, it is crucial to perform regular analysis, inspection, and maintenance of safety light curtains to ensure their effective use. In the case of encountering unstable factors, here's what you can do to troubleshoot:

Factors causing instability in safety light curtains and their corresponding solutions:

1. Electromagnetic interference: Ensure proper grounding and separate the signal lines from the power lines of the light curtain.

2. Unstable power supply: Replace with a dedicated and stable power supply.

3. Interference from sunlight, lasers, or arcs: Choose Epson's light curtains with anti-sunlight capabilities.

4. Lens obstructed by dust: Clean the lens to remove dust and restore proper light reception.

5. Instability due to vibration: Realign the light curtain and use vibration-resistant brackets.

6. Insufficient distance between transmitter and receiver: If the actual required distance exceeds the light curtain's maximum range, replace it with a light curtain that has a longer range.

7. Sufficient distance but misalignment causing insufficient light reception: Readjust the angle of the light curtain for proper alignment.

8. Normal operation during the day but instability at night: Insufficient light reception; choose a light curtain with a larger detection range.

9. Interference between adjacent light curtains: Rearrange the positions of the transmitters and receivers or consider using Dadi's anti-interference safety light curtains.