Q: What are the rankings of safety light curtain brands?

Q: What are the rankings of safety light curtain brands?

Q: What are the rankings of safety light curtain brands?
Safety light curtains are crucial safety devices widely used in industries such as factories, robotics, and automated production lines to ensure the safety of both workers and equipment. Among various safety light curtain brands, KEYENCE, SICK, BANNER, and DADISICK are considered leading brands in the field. In this article, we will provide an introduction to these safety light curtain brands.


As one of the well-known brands in the market, KEYENCE's safety curtains are considered market leaders and widely recognized. These devices ensure high-quality performance, the highest signal transmission speed, and comprehensive safety features. KEYENCE offers a variety of models and sizes for their safety light curtains.


SICK is another renowned brand in the safety light curtain industry, known for its outstanding performance. SICK products can be integrated with various automated production lines, offering excellent durability and lifespan, as well as robust safety features. SICK's safety light curtains are also known for their accuracy and precision, ensuring the safe operation of production lines.

BANNER is a company known for innovation and advanced technology, and their safety light curtains exhibit excellent functionality, superior signal transmission speed, and reliable safety features. Setting them apart from other brands, BANNER's safety light curtains also possess good resistance to contamination and interference, making them suitable for various environments.                                         

DADISICK is a domestic automation technology company with a relatively high level of recognition. Its safety light curtain products compete well with foreign brands. They demonstrate exceptional performance, reliability, and durability. In addition, DADISICK's safety light curtains have good scalability and compatibility, and can be widely used in various automation equipment and production environments. The market share of their safety light curtain products has been increasing year by year, offering a high cost-performance ratio and reliable quality.

In summary, there are many brands of safety light curtains, but KEYENCE, SICK, BANNER, and DADISICK are among the best-selling brands in the market. Each brand has its own advantages and features, so the choice should be based on individual needs and circumstances. Regardless of the brand chosen, the most important thing is to ensure the safety performance and quality, in order to maximize the safety of workers and equipment.