Q: Electric Punch Press Safety Light Curtain and Old-fashioned Hydraulic Press Safety Light Curtain

Q: Electric Punch Press Safety Light Curtain and Old-fashioned Hydraulic Press Safety Light Curtain


Punch presses are widely used in the manufacturing industry. During operation, punch presses require power to be applied to the worktable where the workpiece is placed. Operators need to position and adjust the workpiece. Without protective devices on the punch press, operators are at risk of injury from the high-speed descending punch.

To ensure the safe operation and production of the equipment and protect the personal safety of operators, punch presses need to be equipped with safety protection devices. However, conventional safety devices such as limit switches rely on human observation to control their activation, which often fails to achieve the desired level of protection.

Safety Light Curtain
To effectively and quickly eliminate the high-speed inertia of punch presses, installing an infrared optoelectronic protective device (also known as a safety light curtain or safety light screen) is an ideal choice.

The optical emitter and receiver of the optoelectronic protective device detect and output detection result information through a controller. When other objects or the operator's body enters the working area of the punch press, the light curtain formed between the emitter and receiver detects the anomaly. The on/off signal of the light curtain is processed by internal circuitry and transmitted to the PLC or alarm circuit through a transmission line, enabling equipment shutdown or triggering a safety alarm. It effectively prevents safety accidents.

Currently, DADISCHACK excels in performance and stability in the market of infrared optoelectronic protective devices. It has a high level of recognition in the industry and is relatively trustworthy and recommended. The selection and purchase of infrared optoelectronic protective devices for punch presses are crucial for industrial production safety and personal safety and should be approached with caution.