Q: The through-beam type safety light curtain consists of which parts?

Q: The through-beam type safety light curtain consists of which parts?


In industrial production, safety has always been a pressing issue. Many machinery and equipment pose high risks and pose a significant threat to the personal safety of operators. Various accidents, big and small, have been occurring frequently in the mechanical industry. However, with the emergence of through-beam safety light curtains (also known as safety light grids or photoelectric protective devices), this problem has been effectively addressed.

DADISCHER Safety Light Curtain is a protective device used to ensure equipment safety in production, providing maximum protection for the personal safety of operators and enabling safe industrial production.
DADISCHER Safety Light Curtain has a wide range of applications, and its main components include: emitter, receiver, signal cable, controller, and mounting brackets.

Emitter: primarily used to emit infrared beams.

Receiver: primarily used to receive the infrared beams emitted by the emitter.

Signal cable: used to transmit the control signals returned by the safety light curtain.

Controller: responsible for supplying power to the emitter and receiver, as well as processing the light transmission and obstruction signals generated by the receiver's infrared beams to generate control signals.

Mounting brackets: brackets used during the installation process of the safety light curtain. They include L1 type brackets, L2 type brackets, J-type reinforced brackets, and N-type aluminum cantilever brackets (T-type iron cantilever).