Q:How to correctly choose a brand or manufacturer of waterproof safety grids?

Q:How to correctly choose a brand or manufacturer of waterproof safety grids?


An increasing number of people have come to realize the importance of using safety grids to protect the personal safety of operators.

But now there are more and more manufacturers producing safety light curtains in the market, and people are facing a serious problem: which brand of safety light curtain should they choose?

Safety light curtains are used for safety protection. If the quality of the safety light curtain is not guaranteed and it is not sensitive or unresponsive during use, operators may mistakenly believe that the light curtain is still functioning when it is not, leading to an increased risk of safety accidents. Such a protective measure not only fails to achieve the expected effect but can also be counterproductive. It would be a case of diminishing returns.

To judge whether a safety light curtain manufacturer is good or not, generally, the following aspects are considered:

1. R&D and manufacturing experience: Particularly for high-tech products, the accumulation of technical expertise takes time. Therefore, it is essential to consider the years of experience of a safety light curtain manufacturer in research and development and production.

2. Excellence of the after-sales team: During the installation of safety light curtains, various issues may arise both before and after the purchase. Some technical requirements may need guidance from professional technicians. If the after-sales team is not competent, it can lead to delays in project completion and inefficient problem resolution, wasting valuable time.

3. Product pricing: When purchasing products, it is natural to seek affordability without compromising quality. In situations where raw material prices are similar, if a manufacturer lacks sufficient production capabilities, the resulting products may not only have mediocre quality but also be priced higher. This is because inefficient production processes and scheduling can lead to increased costs.

DADISCHACK has been involved in the field of safety light curtains for over a decade and has accumulated rich experience in both research and development and production capabilities. The company ensures the quality of its products. Currently, DADISCHACK offers safety light curtains that have a relatively high cost-performance ratio. The after-sales team is strong and capable of handling any unexpected situations. Moreover, DADISCHACK currently holds a significant market share in China and enjoys a high level of recognition.