Q:How to determine if a safety light curtain is working properly?

Q:How to determine if a safety light curtain is working properly?


Safety light curtains are also known as safety light screens, safety light curtain sensors, infrared safety light curtains, photoelectric protectors, infrared photoelectric protectors, punch press photoelectric protection devices, etc.

How to determine if a safety light curtain is in working mode?

Many customers may have doubts when using a light curtain for the first time, wondering if it is installed correctly and if it is in normal working mode.

Because the purpose of a safety light curtain is to protect personal safety, it must be taken seriously. So how can we determine if a safety light curtain is in working mode?

When the safety light curtain is powered on, the emitter will flash three times and then remain on, indicating that it has entered the working mode. The receiver will have red and green lights flashing three times when powered on, indicating that it has also entered the working mode.
What are the conditions for the safety light curtain to be working properly?

When the emitter and receiver are in working condition, the emitter's red light remains on, and the receiver's green light is illuminated. When the light curtain is obstructed, there is no change in the emitter's indicator light, but the receiver's light changes from green to red, and the digital display shows the number of blocked light beams. When there is no obstruction, the receiver returns to its normal state with a constant green light.