Consumer Products And 3C Industry 3

Consumer Products And 3C Industry 3

Safe Light Curtains for Secure Home Appliance Industry Manufacturing

QM series safe light curtains ensuring the safety of workers within the home appliance industry is a top priority. With the introduction of safe light curtains, manufacturers now have an effective means to secure the manufacturing environment. These curtains create a protective barrier using infrared beams, immediately sensing any interruption caused by objects, including the presence of workers. By swiftly detecting such interruptions, the curtains trigger a response that halts machinery operations, mitigating the risk of accidents.

Picture is one of our clients equip with our safety light curtain model QM06/40-200 2BB. The implementation of safe light curtains in the home appliance industry brings about a significant improvement in worker safety. With these curtains in place, workers can navigate production areas with greater confidence. The beams act as an invisible shield, ensuring that machinery remains inactive until the interruption is resolved. 

This enables workers to move more freely, without the constant concern for their well-being. As a result, workflow and productivity are enhanced, creating a win-win situation for both workers and manufacturers.

QM series safe light curtains mark a revolution in the home appliance industry, providing a seamless blend of enhanced safety measures and efficient production processes. Manufacturers can prioritize worker well-being without compromising on their production goals.
These curtains not only contribute to a secure manufacturing environment but also allow for streamlined workflow management. As a result, the home appliance industry can maximize production efficiency while safeguarding the well-being of its workers, paving the way for a brighter and safer future.
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QE14-40-520-2BB|light curtain sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height:520mm light curtain sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
QT14-30-390-2BB|Industrial Light Curtain|DADISICK
Beam spacing:30mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height: 390mm Area sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
QE16-40-600-2BB|security light sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:16 Protection height:600mm Security light sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP