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Automobile Manufacturing And Parts Processing 2

The QCE Series Enhance Robotic Arm Operation Security

Robotic arms are revolutionizing various industries by automating processes and increasing productivity. However, ensuring the security and safety of these robotic arms is of utmost importance. To address this concern, the introduction of the QCE Series has significantly enhanced the operation security of robotic arms.

The QCE Series is a state-of-the-art security system specifically designed for robotic arm applications. This system combines advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms to detect and prevent potential hazards or unauthorized access during operation.

One key feature of the QCE Series safety light curtain is its ability to detect any abnormal movement or intrusion in real-time. By continuously monitoring the surroundings, the system quickly identifies any unexpected interference or unauthorized personnel near the robotic arm. In such instances, it immediately triggers an alarm and sends notifications to the designated personnel, enabling them to take immediate action.

Additionally, the QCE Series safety light curtain is equipped with advanced authentication protocols to authenticate authorized operators before granting access to the robotic arm. This ensures that only trained and authorized personnel can operate the robotic arm, minimizing the risks associated with human error or intentional sabotage.

Moreover, the QCE Series provides comprehensive data logging and analysis capabilities, enabling users to track and analyze all robotic arm operations. This facilitates proactive identification of potential security vulnerabilities and the implementation of necessary improvements to enhance overall security.
Featured Products

QE14-40-520-2BB|light curtain sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height:520mm light curtain sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
QT14-30-390-2BB|Industrial Light Curtain|DADISICK
Beam spacing:30mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height: 390mm Area sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
QE16-40-600-2BB|security light sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:16 Protection height:600mm Security light sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP