High Speed Rail And Smart Transportation 1

High Speed Rail And Smart Transportation 1

LD 2030A2 LiDAR Safeguarding Operation of Dock Cranes

Due to the high degree of automation of container terminals, vehicles and cranes must be equipped with lidar sensors to prevent collisions, prevent damage to goods or people, and improve work efficiency. When the crane is working, to help avoid collision between the crane and other objects. 

Crane operators must keep track of large obstacles visible on their roads as well as potentially hidden obstacles or people. Laser scanners can accurately monitor areas in terms of length and width.

In 2018, on the shore of Shekou Port in Shenzhen, China, our LD2030A2 LiDAR  2D radar sensors were installed at the bridge suspension feet, helping to avoid collisions between the bridge suspension feet and other objects on the channel. Additionally, they can help crane operators monitor travel and cross paths.

Not only do lidar sensors provide crucial safety measures at container terminals, but they also contribute to the overall efficiency of operations. By continuously scanning the environment, these sensors enable crane operators to have real-time awareness of their surroundings, avoiding any potential obstacles or risks in their path.

Moreover, the installation of LD2030A2 LiDAR 2D radar sensors at the bridge suspension feet of Shekou Port in Shenzhen, China, has proven to be a significant advancement in preventing collisions. These sensors act as a reliable safeguard, ensuring that the bridge suspension feet do not encounter any obstructions or objects that could compromise the safety of operations.
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