Smart Robot 4

Smart Robot 4

Safety Light Curtain Safeguarding Injection Molding Production

With the rapid development of the plastic industry, injection molding machines play an important role in both quantity and type, accounting for 20% -30% of the total production of plastic molding equipment. Therefore, it has become one of the fastest developing and largest plastic machinery in China. Injection molding machines are widely used in fields such as mechatronics, automobiles, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, etc. They perform well in plastic injection production adaptability and injection processing automation capabilities.

At present, mechanical automation is very common in China, and there has been the emergence of automated robotic arms combined with injection molding machines, which can completely replace manual operations and save more time and manpower.

There are some potential hazards in the use of injection molding machines. Injection molding machines that meet safety standards must be equipped with safety covers, mechanical safety protection devices, safety doors, safety light curtains, etc. Among them, the safety light curtain needs to be selected based on the specific parameters of the injection molding machine. The selection of parameters should consider the specific requirements of the safety light curtain, including optical axis pitch (resolution, or accuracy), protection height, length, protection, etc. As long as the parameters are determined and the brand is qualified, you can choose a safety light curtain. Safe to use.

Featured Products

QE14-40-520-2BB|light curtain sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height:520mm light curtain sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
QT14-30-390-2BB|Industrial Light Curtain|DADISICK
Beam spacing:30mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height: 390mm Area sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
QE16-40-600-2BB|security light sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:16 Protection height:600mm Security light sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP