Smart Robot 2

Smart Robot 2

LDS2030A-5S LiDAR Installed on Automatic Forklift:

A  LDS2030A-5S 20-meter LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system installed on an automatic forklift would provide advanced obstacle detection capabilities, enabling the forklift to navigate safely in its surroundings. LiDAR works by emitting laser beams and measuring the time it takes for the beams to bounce back after hitting objects. This allows including the location distance of obstacles.

With a LDS2030A-5S  20-meter range, the LDS2030A-5S LiDAR sensor can detect obstacles up to LDS2030A-5S  20 meters away from the forklift, providing a wide field of view for obstacle detection. This information is crucial for the automatic forklift to make real-time decisions, adjust its trajectory, or come to a stop if necessary to avoid collisions.

By using our LDS2030A-5S  LiDAR technology, automatic forklifts can operate autonomously and navigate complex environments with precision and safety. The LDS2030A-5S LiDAR sensor enhances the ability of forklifts to detect various objects, such as walls, shelves, other vehicles, and even pedestrians, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing accident risks.
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