Smart Robot 1

Smart Robot 1

5-Meter LD-05DP Obstacle Avoidance LiDAR for AGV Cars

1.The 5-meter obstacle avoidance LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system is a commonly used sensor for obstacle detection and navigation in AGV vehicles. The working principle of LiDAR is to emit a laser beam and measure the time it takes for the beam to rebound after hitting an object in the environment. This allows the system to create the location and distance of surrounding environmental obstacles.

2.This LiDAR sensor has a range of meters and can detect obstacles within a radius of 5 meters around AGV vehicles. This information is crucial for AGVs to make real-time decisions to avoid collisions and navigate safely.

3.AGV vehicles equipped with obstacle avoidance lidar sensors can use the collected data to determine the optimal path, plan trajectory adjustments, and even stop if necessary to prevent accidents. This technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of AGV vehicles in various industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics
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