Printing Industry 4

Printing Industry 4

Customer Customized Safety Carpet Installed on Printing Equipment:

Safety mats are form of additional protection for machinery and equipment, suitable for installation in front of hazardous areas. Multiple safety mats can be arranged in a row and connected together, depending on the shape of the protected area. When the safety mat is, the signal emitted will be evaluated, and the machine will stop operating.

When connected the appropriate safety module, the three systems mentioned above can meet control category 3 1 or 4, according to ISO13849-.

The touch monitoring system stops dangerous movements upon contact or collision. This application suitable for that require individual safety devices.

A customer from Singapore provided us with a drawing of a safety mat, requesting custom dimensions and 304 stainless steel edging for the mat.

Our engineers created a suitable drawing based on the customer's specifications and delivered it for confirmation. With smooth communication between all, we the mats, tested their performance, successfully shipped them to the customer, and provided on-site installation guidance via video call.

Installing custom safety mat on printing equipment is a great way to enhance operator safety and prevent accidents. Here are some general guidelines on how to install it:

1. Identify the hazard area: Identify specific areas in the printing where potential hazards exist, such as the paper feeding area and printing area.

2. Design the safety mat: Work with a safety mat manufacturer or supplier to design a custom safety mat that meets your specific requirements. Consider factors such as size, shape,, and material.

3. Measure and cut: Measure the dimensions of the hazard area and cut the safety mat. that the mat covers the entire hazard area and provides enough space for safe operator operation.

4. Prepare the surface: Thoroughly clean the surface of the printing equipment, removing any dirt, debris, or oil may hinder adhesion of the safety mat.

5. and secure: Carefully position the safety mat above the hazard area, ensuring it aligns correc。

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