Stamping Industry Solution 6

Stamping Industry Solution 6

Install Safety Light Curtain on Forging Press:

Installing safety light curtain is an excellent idea to enhance safety of forging press in the workplace. Here are the general steps of choosing and installation you can follow:

1. Assess the requirements: Understand the specific safety needs of your forging press setup and determine the appropriate type, size, and location for the safety light curtain.

2. Choose the right safety light curtain: Select a high-quality light curtain system that meets the necessary safety standards and is suitable for the environment in which it will be installed.

3. Prepare the installation area: Clear any obstructions from the installation area and ensure there is sufficient space for the light curtain to cover the entire hazardous zone.

4. Mount the light curtain: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to mount the safety light curtain securely. Ensure that it is properly aligned and positioned at the correct height for effective detection.

5. Connect the wiring: Connect the light curtain system to the power supply and control circuit as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure that all electrical connections are secure and protected.
6. Test the installation: Perform a thorough test of the safety light curtain to verify its proper functioning. This may involve triggering the safety system and ensuring that it stops the forging press when an object or person enters the protected area.

7. Train employees: Educate and train your personnel on the purpose, operation, limitations of the safety light curtain. Ensure they understand the importance of using it correctly and adhering to safety protocols.

8. Regular maintenance: Establish a maintenance schedule to inspect and maintain the safety light curtain regularly. This includes cleaning, checking alignment, and testing to ensure continued effectiveness.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement of safety light curtain, DAIDSICK can customize the whole set of safety products for your production line and machine.
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