Stamping Industry Solution 5

Stamping Industry Solution 5

Installation of Safety Light Curtain for Hydraulic Press:

Installing safety light curtains on hydraulic presses provides several advantages. First and foremost, they greatly enhance the safety of the workplace by acting as a protective barrier between the operator and the hazardous machine. Light curtains use infrared beams to detect the presence of any objects or body parts in the danger zone of the press, instantly stopping the machine before any harm can occur.

Furthermore, safety light curtains are easy to install and do not obstruct the operator's view or movement. Unlike physical barriers or fences, light curtains allow for quick and convenient access to the press, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Another advantage is that safety light curtains can be customized to fit the specific needs of the hydraulic press application. They can be adjusted to different heights and widths, ensuring optimal protection for the operator while still allowing for efficient operation.
Overall, installing safety light curtains on hydraulic presses promotes a safe working environment, reduces the risk of accidents, and enhances productivity.

Featured Products

QE14-40-520-2BB|light curtain sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height:520mm light curtain sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
QT14-30-390-2BB|Industrial Light Curtain|DADISICK
Beam spacing:30mm Number of optical axes:14 Protection height: 390mm Area sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
QE16-40-600-2BB|security light sensor|DADISICK
Beam spacing:40mm Number of optical axes:16 Protection height:600mm Security light sensor output (OSSD):2 PNP