Security Product

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As one of the leading technical leaders in the field of industrial automation photoelectric safety sensors in China, DADISICK offers effective personnel protection devices that comply with international safety standards. Our products protect operators from harm caused by machines.

In the process of industrial automation, safety products such as safety laser scanners, safety light curtains, safety mats, safety edge devices, safety relays, safety door locks, and safety door switches can play a crucial role. They can monitor and detect hazardous areas, and promptly trigger alarms or stop mechanical movements to prevent accidents. By using these safety products, you can achieve the safety the automated production process and protect workers from potential hazards.
It is important that our safety products comply with safety because it means that your products meet internationally recognized safety requirements in their design and manufacturing processes. Some common international safety standards include ISO 13849, IEC 61508, and EN 62061. Products that comply with these standards can provide higher of safety and meet the demands of the global market. 

Additionally, these devices can improve production efficiency, reduce downtime on production lines, and ensure continuous production and normal operation. Therefore, incorporating safety products into industrial automation production is crucial and can provide with a safer, more efficient, and reliable production environment.
LD-30H Series|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICK
30m distance,A technique that uses a laser beam to measure distance and create detailed maps of objects and environments.
DT11 series|PVC safety Mats|DADISICK
Safety carpet is a technology that monitors the pressure distribution on the carpet through pressure sensing.
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
OX-D2/D3|The safety door switch with locking function|DADISICK
Used for monitoring places such as safety doors and windows.